Minty fresh

Today I was looking through some old travel photos on my laptop as I was missing those traveling days. Turkey, France, Thailand, Croatia, Singapore, Malaysia… then I came across my Morocco folder and started to dream back to those lively and colorful streets of Marrakech, the beautiful scenery, tasty food, and of course their amazing mint tea. When I reached 1000 followers on Instagram this UK based company gifted me with their tea to try out. Here is my tea review of The Clean Tea Company:

The Clean Tea Company (UK)

Moroccan Mint Gunpowder Green (£7,95)
Ingredients: 97% Chinese Pinhead Gunpowder Green tea, 3% Peppermint

The Clean Tea Company is a UK based company that offers organic green tea that has been carefully hand packed by expert blenders to create a refreshing tea blend. Their teas are 100% organic and contains only natural ingredients with no artificial flavours, perservatives or coloring. The packaging are plant based and environmental friendly plant based which is biodegradeable. The tea bags are cruelty free silk made of corn based starch which along with the packaging can be recycled or use it on a compost heap once used. The tea bags can also be used up to 3 time’s within the 24 hours of first using them.

The Clean Tea Company offers two delightful flavors in their online shop.
– Japanese Sencha Green
– Moroccan Mint Gunpowder Green

For more information, click here

As you already guessed, I chose to try their Moroccan Mint Gunpowder Green and I must say that this is probably one of the most delicious and fresh mint tea I have tasted. It brought back so many memories. Really good quality tea!

Do you enjoy Mint tea? Please comment below!

Hugs, Nad

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Cold brew Saturday

Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day for those who celebrate it today. Here in Sweden, we celebrate Mother’s Day end of May so we have a few weeks left haha! I hope you are all doing well and are safe. I’m so fed up with this whole Corona thing and everything is upside down in our every day lives. I wish things will get better soon!

I thought that I would make a review of a tea that I got the opportunity to try out. It’s a Swedish brand called We B Tea who offers a wide collection of organic tea in beautiful glass bottles that are suited for all the days of the week and all lifestyles.

I chose to try out their Saturday Tea (in a personalized bottle) which is a green tea blend containing Spearmint, Goji berry & Pomegranate. This blend is perfect for those calming and simple Saturday moments with the taste of Swedish summer. I made a delicious cold brew but We B Tea works perfect hot as well and you can re-use the tea leaves. I really enjoyed this brand and can totally recommend it!

Check them out on Instagram: @we.b.tea

How to make Cold brew tea

  • 2 tsp tea leaves
  • 1 litre tap water or sparkling water

Mix them all together and seal the bottle and put it in the fridge for 4-12 hours, depending on how you want your cold brew tea. Voilá, ready for serving. You can re-use the tea leaves several times.

Hugs, Nad

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Online tea testing

Since this Corona thing came into our lives like an annoying yet toxic relative you just want to get rid of, it’s no surprise that life have suddenly become more dull and the lack of human interaction became depressing. Sweden is already known for not being the most social country in the world and most people here mind their own business and have their own group of people. I have Pakistani roots and love talking to people and just being bubbly except on those rainy days when I just want to be at home and just chill. This quarantine was alright in the beginning but as the days turned to a week and then to weeks… it started to get to me. All my plans for 2020 started to come as emails with the subject: CANCELLED! Gaaaah!

One day I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw that Greta’s tea was going to organize an online tea tasting event and I was immediately happy to finally be able to do something fun while being isolated at home. I signed up happily to this event and waited for the teas to be sent home. It took about 5 days before I received the package! The package contained five different teas, a sparkling water bottle and a small chocolate box from Fiket.

That Friday I would prepare one of the teas ; the lemon verbena in the bottle to make a coldbrew that was going to be in the fridge overnight. The day was here, let’s start the TEA PARTY (social distance version). The event was going to start at 11 AM but of course my iMAC chose to mess up with the camera that morning on Zoom. Oh shit it starts soon, what should I do? I got a little panic but thank goodness I had already downloaded the mobile app and when I got online the people were already in place. I was probably the only one online on the mobile and I had no tripod that could hold the mobile. Luckily things went pretty well anyway (I hope)!

The tea testing event was hosted by the talented and knowledgeable tea sommelier Kristine who guided us throughout the tea tasting and taught us many interesting facts about tea while testing premium quality teas. Together with other tea enthusiasts we got to taste the following teas:

  • Coldbrew tea with Lemon Verbena
  • Oriental Beauty
  • Masala Chai
  • Jasmine Tea
  • Luxurious English Breakfast

The tea tasting was successful and I was super satisfied. Kristine was very nice and gave tips on good books and other interesting material you could look at yourself. I really recommend this if you have the opportunity to take part in a tea tasting. I felt more inspired to continue my tea journey and to learn more about tea while creating interesting content for my followers.

Please visit and their Instagram account @gretas_te

Hugs, Nad

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Sippin’ tea

I hope you are all doing well during these crazy times! In Sweden, the numbers are still rising and every day is a mystery on what to do or act. Like everyone else I just want things to get back to normal again, but unfortunately, the world will not be the same after Corona. Let’s hope and pray for better days soon!! My thoughts are with you!

Even though I just started this blog, I can’t believe that it’s been almost 4 months since I started my Instagram account @teagramsweden and soon I’m at 1000 followers, it’s totally crazy. This experience has been very fun and rewarding to get creative again and I am very grateful for that!

I got some tea from the London Tea Exchange which is an online tea shop with a wide range of organic loose weight teas, tea bags, beautiful teabooks and nice accessories that give that luxury feel in everyday life. What I like about the London Tea Exchange in addition to their good teas is that they are a brand that is ethical and takes responsibility by working with suppliers with good working conditions, good wages and supporting local businesses and society. All their hand-sewn tea bags and packaging are recyclable and degradable, which is a big plus and great for the environment.

I tried their Premium Earl Tea (Black tea) with my afternoon fika and it was very rich in taste and felt luxurious at home on the couch. Since it is premium tea, the price range is a little higher than the teas in the grocery stores but if you want to treat yourself or give a nice gift to someone you like then the London Tea Exchange is a good alternative, especially their beautiful tea books that stand out from the crowd! I recommend their teas if you want that little extra in your life!

For more information, check out their site:

Hugs, Nad

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Welcome to my new blog about tea, reviews, health, beauty and lifestyle!

This is not the first time I’m blogging, but there came a period in my life where I lost the desire and inspiration to write and often got “writers block”. But as lately I’ve been missing to blog, so now I decided to give it another try. Hope you will find this blog interesting with time!

Hug Nad

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